Project Alba
Infographic Project Microsite
Welcome to the Project Alba Infographic Project microsite, developed to showcase the relevant design samples from Michael Hanna Design. Click on the three buttons below to jump to a sample.
Case Study
Custom Infographics for 8x8, Inc.
BUSINESS NEED: I was approached by 8x8, Inc. to produce a series of infographics based on survey data to be published on their website as accompaniments to specific blog articles.
CHALLENGE: There was a great deal of data generated by the surveys that needed to be parsed and condensed into information that would be clear, concise, and poignant.
ACTIVITIES: I reviewed all of the raw data and extracted what I considered the most important responses based on what the overall messages of the infographics were supposed to be. I then reviewed that data with the stakeholder, revising as needed to arrive at the final data sets used. I then conceptualized the final data sets and created visuals that illustrated the points being presented.
OUTCOME: The outcome was four entertaining, informative, and very well received infographics that helped to bolster the articles in which they appeared.
Case Study
Valentine's Day Infographic Series
BUSINESS NEED: While working as a Senior Designer at ProPoint Graphics (now Modicum) in New York City, I was on a select team tasked with designing this series of infographics to showcase the firm's capabilities.
CHALLENGE: The main challenge here was developing interesting content around the Valentine's Day there.
ACTIVITIES: Development of the infographics involved planning sessions to come up with interesting content ideas, internet research to support those content ideas, concepting sessions to strategize the layout and visualization of selected content, and collaborative design with a team of designers and a writer.
OUTCOME: The outcome was these two entertaining, informative, and very well received infographics that were used on the firm's website for promotional purposes.
Case Study
History of Podcasting Infographic
BUSINESS NEED: I was contracted by a podcast hosting and syndication company to develop an infographic in support of an article for their website and to be used for promotional purposes.
CHALLENGE: The biggest challenge (and thrill!) here was developing visuals that represented the client's specific vision, including subtle references to movies and pop culture.
ACTIVITIES: The client provided a great deal of content that needed to be parsed and condensed into digestible chunks that lent themselves to the kind of visual representation the client was seeking. The design process involved simultaneous revision/refinement of the content and development of the visual elements. A great deal of revision and iteration was required to reach the finish line.
OUTCOME: The outcome was a visually stunning, entertaining, and interesting infographic.