GPO Creative Services - Visual Information Specialist Position
Michael Hanna Portfolio Microsite
Welcome to my portfolio microsite, developed to showcase various design samples relevant to the Visual Information Specialist position at GPO Creative Services. Click on the boxes below to jump to each sample section.

Print/Publication Samples

Digital/Interactive Samples

Presentation Design Samples

Graphic Design/Digital Illustration Samples

Print/Publication Samples
Case Study
Idiot's Guides: Philosophy, Fourth Edition
by Jay Stevenson, Ph.D.
BUSINESS NEED: Publisher was seeking to update this edition with newer, easier to understand custom conceptualized interior graphics. Cover design was done by publisher.
CHALLENGE: Representing philosophical concepts in a clear, concise, and poignant manner.
ACTIVITIES: In-depth review with publisher and author of all concepts to be illustrated. A total of 100 illustrations were developed in batches, then iterated upon until all stakeholders were happy.
OUTCOME: All stakeholders were extremely pleased with the final illustrations. The book was published in 2014.
Print Design
Brochure Samples
Of the myriad brochures I have designed over the years, most cannot be shown due to confidentiality agreements. Here are a few public samples that showcase my adaptable design skills.
Digital/Interactive Samples
Click here to view the full Annual Review PDF.
Case Study
PwC Global Annual Review 2019
Interactive Annual Report for Web, Print, and Digital Distribution
I was a team leader on a firmwide group tasked with designing the custom graphics for an initiative that spanned multiple departments across the firm. My responsibilities included custom graphic design, delegating design tasks to other team members, reviewing team design work for quality and consistency, and coordinating with various other teams to ensure the project was completed on time and up to the highest standard.
Custom Motion Graphics Booth Videos for Guardant Health
Custom Motion Graphics Explainer Video for App Prototyping Service
Custom Motion Graphics Video and App Prototype for Chase Private Client
Digital Design
Motion Graphics Samples
These videos represent samples of motion graphics elements and presentations designed and created from scratch for digital distribution.
Digital Design
Mobile App Prototyping
These interactive mobile app prototypes represent proofs-of-concept for my App Design and Prototyping service. Clients include HotelMobi, PayVia, Chase Private Client, MobileMessenger, and Olive Software. Most prototypes created for clients are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements and cannot be shown here.
Presentation Design Samples
Case Study
Dynamic Presentation Design
I was tasked by RICOH USA to transform their dull customer-facing PowerPoint sales decks into dynamic, modern, engaging presentations. This video is an example of the 50+ presentations that I conceptualized and redesigned from the ground up.
Custom animated booth video created for the 2016 Enterprise Connect Conference.
Case Study
8x8 Inc.
Dynamic Presentation and Graphic Design
8x8, Inc. provides enterprise cloud communications and customer engagement solutions for small and mid-size businesses, mid-market, and distributed enterprises worldwide. As a repeat client, 8x8 has engaged my services on multiple occasions to design custom infographics and presentations.
Case Study
J.P. Morgan
Collateral Central Web App Demo
I was contracted by J.P Morgan to develop a PowerPoint-based web application demo presentation. The client wanted an interactive demo that would effectively simulate the user experience. The demo featured over 200 screens for which I needed to simulate various features - such as dropdown menus, hyperlinks, scrolling, etc., - when the user clicked on various elements and hot spots. This was achieved using advanced animation techniques such as non-linear navigation links, hyperlinks, triggers, etc., The project also required recreating most of the screenshots provided by the client in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign in order for the screens to display consistently at high resolution. This video is a brief sample of the very intricately detailed web application demo.
Graphic Design/Digital Illustration Samples
Case Study
Valentine's Day Infographic Series
BUSINESS NEED: While working as a Senior Designer at ProPoint Graphics (now Modicum) in New York City, I was on a select team tasked with designing this series of infographics to showcase the firm's capabilities.
CHALLENGE: The main challenge here was developing interesting content around the Valentine's Day there.
ACTIVITIES: Development of the infographics involved planning sessions to come up with interesting content ideas, internet research to support those content ideas, concepting sessions to strategize the layout and visualization of selected content, and collaborative design with a team of designers and a writer.
OUTCOME: The outcome was these two entertaining, informative, and very well received infographics that were used on the firm's website for promotional purposes.
Original business process content from which infographic was developed.
Case Study
Project Alba Infographic for The Kaizen Company in Washington, D.C.
The Kaizen Company catalyzes locally-led institutional improvements, facilitates peer-to-peer learning, spurs entrepreneurship, and provides sustainable opportunities for people around the world. I was contracted to develop an infographic that clearly illustrated the business process for Project Alba in Cambodia, a social enterprise working with low income farmers in developing countries.