Infographics & Diagrams

Dynamic Conceptualization and Illustration
When you have a lot of information that you’re attempting to convey to a customer or potential investor, it can be easy to lose them if you’re only using text and a few graphs or charts to display the data. A custom-designed diagram or infographic from Michael Hanna Design can transform a wordy, hard-to-follow description into a captivating visual depiction. We will take the raw content that you provide and create graphics and diagrams that convey the information in the best, most easily digestible format.

We specialize in dynamic conceptualization and illustration of complex product or system architectures, taking wordy descriptions and turning them into easy-to-follow visuals. We typically use a combination of PowerPoint and design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the very best infographics and diagrams. Instead of a customer struggling to understand what service you offer or what research supports the products that you sell, you can email them an easy-to-understand infographic that lays out the data for them. You’ll find that customers and investors will better retain the information when conveyed effectively through professionally designed visuals.

If you’re interested in creating stunning visuals and diagrams that can help your company grow and promote your products or services, contact Michael Hanna Design today. We can take both the simplest or the most complex data and turn it into a visually-appealing infographic that perfectly displays the information. Contact us today to find out more about our professional infographics/diagrams offerings.