Mergers – An Emerging Market For Virtual Interior Design

Whether a company purchases another company with the intent to merge completely or create a third umbrella company to combine the two legacy brands, changes to the way they run and look will be coming. The quickest way to create unity between the two legacy companies involved in the merger is to create a unifying look, which is where virtual interior design comes in. When the leadership team is struggling to blend two legacy companies they need to quickly and efficiently see what you’re design concept is. Michael Hanna Design has the experience in architectural drafting for interior designers needed to create a powerful virtual interior design that will give your clients a photorealistic tour of their new office design.

Unifying a merged company though appearance has to be done quickly and efficiently. When you have the power of Michael Hanna Design behind you, you can offer a quick turn around time to the leadership team that needs to see what their new offices will look like, yesterday.  From the texture of the carpeting to the color of the finish on the desks, the leadership team will be able to see every single detail as if they were walking through their already completed office area. Changes in color scheme as well as lighting will all be realistic and evident, so the leadership team does not have to struggle to imagine what you are designing.

When you need assistance with your architectural drafting for interior designers, contact Michael Hanna Design. Visit our website and see what our happy repeat customers have to say about our work. Then give us a call or send us an email, so we can help you win your next interior design client with ease. Don’t wait and risk another designer taking the job from you – call now!

The Value of a Professional Presentation

Your products and services are your business’ life blood. When you create a new product or service line, you invest heavily in research and design, as well as even more research on the marketing and advertising end of the launch. Yet even after all of this financial investment, some companies elect to cobble together and in-house presentation. How you present your product or service is just as important as the research that goes into it. Make sure you chose a powerpoint presentation designer like Michael Hanna Design to showcase your new product or service with professional presentation design services.

 All of the investment of quality materials you’ve made into you product will be lost if you don’t hire professional presentation design services. It’s the presentation that seals the deal, and a shoddy presentation means no deal sealed. If you offer your potential clients a weak presentation, they will never see, or understand all of the work and investment you put into your product or service. Investing in a professional powerpoint presentation designer will ensure that your potential clients view high quality slides of the same quality caliber that you want your product or service to represent. An amateur presentation will convey the sentiment that you don’t truly value your product or service enough to present it in the manner which it deserves.

 With years of experience, Michael Hanna Design creates stand out presentations that practically close deals on their own. We invite you to visit our website and view our “before and after” gallery to see how we turn amateur presentations into professional sales powerhouses. After you view our gallery, give us a call or email us to find out how we can help you demonstrate the value of your product to your potential clients.

When Tourism Meets Architecture

In the post industrial world, many “washed up, has been” cities  are creatively reinventing themselves through tourism and successfully re-engineering their economies. By discovering and publicizing a few precious jewels within their borders, these former boom-town cities can become highly enticing destination tourism locations. One such targeted market is architecture.

When a city or region can boast an architectural treasure such as a structure by Frank Lloyd Wright, they can attract a generous amount of people who wish to tour and photograph such structures. The benefits of this type of tourism don’t end there. Inspired by the architectural genius of individuals such as Wright, tourists return home, wanting a piece of that genius in their own home.

It’s then that those tourists seek out businesses such as Michael Hanna Design, who are skilled in architectural drafting for interior designers in order to create Wright-inspired 3D room designs for their own homes. It’s at this point, where history meet future, that one can only imagine how much more prolific Wright would have been if he had access to technology such as 3D room design as well as computer-aided architectural drafting for interior designers.

It’s absolutely delightful for individuals who’ve just toured structures of the architectural greats to see inspired elements of that architecture inserted into their own interior design with vivid 3D reality.

When you want to bring a little piece of historical architecture into your home, be sure to contact a professional like Michael Hanna Design, who can bring your new design to photorealistic-life with 3D room design. All the little details you loved on your tour can be captured with architectural drafting for interior designers. Don’t wait! Contact Michael Hanna Design now to bring a piece of history into your home.

Presentations = Marketing + PR

Creating effective presentations takes the skills of a marketer and a public relations expert. Of course, your presentation will only be as good as your materials, so make sure to hire a presentation designer like Michael Hanna Design to create your custom powerpoint templates and graphics.

In the PR part of your presentation, you become the liaison between your company and your customers. You manage what information about your products gets shared with your customers.  You’ll need to ensure the the most effective data is communicated to your customers and the public at large to entice new customers to try your products.

Next is the marketing portion of your presentation. Here is where you put the creamy, delicious spin on your product to make it as appealing to your customers and potential customers as possible. It is of the utmost importance that your presentation templates and graphics excel in style and composition. Since appearance tends to be everything, you need a highly skilled powerpoint presentation designer to create visually appealing, impeccably color coordinated powerpoint visuals. When you want a presentation that not only makes an impact but converts customers as well, nothing but the best will do.

As it’s said, “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” so it can also be, “it’s not what you present, it’s how you present it”. No matter how good your product is, if it’s not presented with visual appeal, your customer conversion will be lower.

Don’t risk losing customers by using substandard presentation materials. Hire a powerpoint presentation designer like Michael Hanna Design to create a custom designed powerpoint presentation that will convert your views to customers. Visit our website and see how we transform so-so slides into power conversion materials!  Call or click now, and watch your revenue soar!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Eco-friendly 3D Home Design

The Green movement is more powerful now than ever before. People are actively recycling, reusing, and reducing the amount of waste that they create on our beautiful Earth. Many different fields have found themselves scrambling to keep up with the demand for all things green. This push for a greener life experience extends even the to the home building industries.

Michael Hanna Design provides 3D home design and architectural drafting for interior designers with software that offers a generous selection of materials from which your clients can choose. If your material selection isn’t in the database, the software offers a customize option so you can include any green material that your client desires.

Rediscovered or recycled lumber is a popular choice among the environmentally oriented individuals who want to have houses built for them. Some individuals look for materials at a local “Reuse” shop that offers wood previously used in homes that is still in good enough quality to use again. Re-purposed lumber comes from other areas as well, such as wood lost in frozen lakes from previous logging operations.

Green oriented individuals may also choose wood substitutes made from recycled plastics. There are several brand names of this type of product available on the market today. Some of the wood substitutes are made with reclaimed lumber and recycled plastic, while others are made of 100% recycled plastic.

No matter what materials your clients favor, when you need a wide variety of materials for your 3D home design, make sure you contact Michael Hanna Design. We invite you to view our website to see what our happy customers think of our work. Give us a call right now so we can help you make your Green clients happy!

Teachers And Presenters Need A Powerpoint Presentation Designer!

If you’re a teacher or a presenter, you may not be aware of the benefits of professionally designed powerpoint templates. A professional powerpoint presentation designer like Michael Hanna Design can transform your slides into incredible tools that convey your ideas and goals for your students or presentation attendees far better than anything you’ve used before.

If you’re teaching ongoing, repeating classes, professionally designed powerpoint templates are an investment in your career. Crisp, clear graphics and clearly outlined information is easier for your students to understand. By having slides of your most common teaching material, you can maximize your class time by simply pointing to the image representing what you mean rather than taking the time to hand sketch stick figures instead. While teaching from notes may be the tried and true way, teaching from slides and templates is far easier, effectively utilizes your teaching time, and offers your students captivating visuals to keep their attention.

If you’re presenting weekend classes, workshops, or intensives on anything and everything from glass blowing to swing dancing, a professionally designed powerpoint presentation will not only impress your presentation attendees but will allow you to pack more material into your weekend. Every subject has a certain amount of ‘lecture’ portion on theory and history. Professionally designed slides will increase the odds that your attendees will pay attention because of the striking visuals. Professionally designed presentations allow you to deliver the theory and history in concentrated, concise doses that your attendees will be eager to consume.

If you’re teaching or presenting from notes, it’s time to see what the power of a professional powerpoint presentation designer can do for you. Visit Michael Hanna Design’s website to see the high quality presentations that we create. Then contact us to find out how we can make your job so much easier!

360-Degree Video Revolution – Can You Keep Up?

With in the past year, the average mobile phone user has achieved access to 360-degree video, increasing the expectation of high quality video presentations. If you’re not offering virtual interior design or room design 3D, you’re going to lose customers to those who do provide high quality visuals. Michael Hanna Design can help you keep pace with technology.

When people can stand in their own home and “fly” over a smoking volcano in a helicopter with a smiling and waving crew, you know that individuals’ expectations of visual graphics are going to increase. The average individual now has access to the most high quality visual graphics on the market.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to up your game by using virtual interior design or room design 3D. Consumers expect to see their new interior design or home in realistic 3D. The designs you show your clients have to be up to par with what they can “check out” on Facebook. The only way to keep clients is to represent your designs in photorealistic 3D. They need to feel as if they’re walking through the actual house you designed for them.

Fortunately for you, Michael Hanna Design uses only the most up-to-date software, providing you the most modern graphics available on the market. Present your clients with graphics that rival what they see on Facebook or their favorite multi-player video game.

Don’t take our word for it. Visit our site and check out the samples of our photorealistic 3D designs. Then visit our reviews to see what our happy, repeat clients have to say about our work. Now’s the time to take your designs to the next level with Michael Hanna Design. Call, chat, or email now!

Animated Presentations Meet More Audience Needs

When you’re in business, you want to get your information in front of as many people as possible. Yet there’s an often overlooked market that has access to disposable income that they can spend on your products and services. An animated presentation can meet the needs of a wider variety of your audience and customer needs. When searching for presentation design services, like those of Michael Hanna Design, you can be confident that you’ll be able to reach those of your customers who happen to be disabled.

Animated presentations meet the needs of those who are visually impaired by providing high quality sound and music. Being limited in vision, having a voice over will explain your products and services to a rather large niche of customers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to see them. The audio track is also of benefit to the elderly who can’t read small print, as well as those who may not be able to read well or at all. Dyslexia is one example of a learning disability that can block customers learning about your products and services.

Animated presentations also cater to those individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing by offering subtitles which they can read. For anyone with any type of hearing issue, including subtitles in your animated presentation is the way to go. Subtitles are also helpful in loud fair environments where people may not be able to hear clearly.

Make sure you’re including everyone in your marketing efforts by getting your presentation design services through Michael Hanna Design. An animated presentation can meet the needs of the majority of your potential customer market. Visit our website, see what our happy clients have to say, then contact us to get your own animated presentation!

Internet of Things (IoT) and Interior Design

The Internet of Things is bringing more and more smart devices in to the homes of individuals to whom you’ll be showing your virtual interior designs. This new abundance of smart devices that are able to access wifi and interact with each other is bound to have an impact on architectural drafting for interior designers. Michael Hanna Design has the state of the art software to help you create the virtual interior design of your clients’ dreams.

 The Internet of Things, or IoT, is going to heavily impact how individuals interact with the space around them. It’s also going to impact how appliances fit in the space that the home has to offer. Interior design will have to take into account the location of the central wifi network and how far away each appliance can be from it. Restrictions on where items can be will provide significant new challenges to creating interior designs that will fit all of the smart equipment in a central area.

 Smart appliances will also begin to change how individuals use the space around them in unexpected ways that haven’t been discovered yet. When devices begin talking to each other more often, offering people more information, new behaviors will occur and interior designs must begin to account for that. Current houses may not accommodate smart devices very well and may require redesigning.

 No matter how the IoT affects interior design, you can rest assured that Michael Hanna Design has the best software to create your virtual interior design. Visit our website to see what our happy clients say about our architectural drafting for interior designers. Then contact us to get your own virtual interior design.

Three Presentation Don’ts

You’ve hired a powerpoint designer like Michael Hanna Design to have the most visually appealing powerpoint templates available for your presentation. Now it’s “go time”. When you think you’ve got everything ready, it’s always good to double check. Just as a friendly reminder, here are three things not to do in preparation for your presentation.

 Don’t forget to practice with the remote.

Practice changing the slides. Become an expert with the remote so that you can move slides forwards and backwards with ease. Nothing detracts more from a presentation than a presenter that is fumbling with the remote instead of giving a flawless presentation.

 Don’t forget to test your environment.

 If you’ve only been practicing at home in the evening you may be in for a shock. If the room you’re presenting in has large windows facing east and your presentation is scheduled for the morning, you’ll be getting a face full of sun! Ensure the room you’re presenting in has enough drapes to block the sun or enough light to work with. If you can’t scout the room for your presentation try to be prepared for all eventualities.

Don’t sip vodka.

 Sip water. It’s often joked that the presenter has vodka instead of water. Don’t do it. The alcohol will dry your throat making you croak like a frog. While the vodka may calm your nerves, it will make you slur your speech too, which is very unprofessional.

 Hiring an expert powerpoint designer like Michael Hanna Design can ensure that you have the best powerpoint templates for your presentation. Only you can make sure your presentation goes smoothly with practice.

Check out our website to see the excellent powerpoint templates we can create for your presentation. Then, contact Michael Hanna Design to order yours. All you’ll have left to do is practice!