Before and After

From Blah to Awe
Where No Presentation
Has Gone Before
Setting up your own PowerPoint presentation is a fairly easy task if you’re simply adding text, bullet points, and a few images. You can create a presentation that shows your data or products, but if it lacks dynamic visuals and a logical structure, your clients or investors may find it too hard to follow or understand. Even worse, you may lose their interest if they think that the presentation was put together at the last minute. At Michael Hanna Design, we understand that you have lots of responsibilities and may not have the time to create a well-crafted PowerPoint. Our presentation design services can take your initial PowerPoint and upgrade it to a more visually-appealing and easy-to-follow slideshow.

Below, you’ll see several before and after examples of how a new visual concept can dramatically improve the look, feel, impact, and functionality of each individual slide, as well as the entire presentation. Your original slides will be used as a starting point to insure that we include all of the necessary information and data that you want to present. If a slide could benefit from a custom animation, we’ll add in a well-structured and logical animated progression that displays data or research one step at a time, laying out exactly what you want your viewers to see.

If you have a slideshow that you feel could use some improvement, contact us today and we’ll put our PowerPoint presentation design skills to use for you. View the samples below to get an idea of what we can do for your company.