Simplify, Beautify
A PowerPoint presentation can take quite a bit of time to put together and after investing time and energy, the last thing you want is for it to be confusing or worse, uninteresting, to your clients or potential investors. At Michael Hanna Design, we can design a dynamic PowerPoint that will clearly explain your products or research to your clients, and we can add custom animation to your slides that helps explain a process or system architecture.

With PowerPoint slide animation, you can get rid of the clutter that too many images or too much text can create and have the animation gradually display the components of a system or process that would otherwise seem complicated or overly complex. By simplifying your approach, your customers will be able to better understand your company, your products, and your approach to business. Instead of one static image that offers all the information at once, an animated slide outlines and displays the steps that make up the creation of a product or the implementation of a system.

By adding elements of motion and sound to your slides, you can captivate and motivate your viewers to ask questions and learn more about your company and what it has to offer. Instead of a long presentation full of static slides with images and text that you don’t have time to fully cover, animated slides do the talking for you, explaining what you’re proposing and why it’s important.

Click on a movie below to see how custom animation can visually enhance a complicated system description, providing crucial detail without the need for additional text.