August 18, 2016 admin

When Tourism Meets Architecture

In the post industrial world, many “washed up, has been” cities  are creatively reinventing themselves through tourism and successfully re-engineering their economies. By discovering and publicizing a few precious jewels within their borders, these former boom-town cities can become highly enticing destination tourism locations. One such targeted market is architecture.

When a city or region can boast an architectural treasure such as a structure by Frank Lloyd Wright, they can attract a generous amount of people who wish to tour and photograph such structures. The benefits of this type of tourism don’t end there. Inspired by the architectural genius of individuals such as Wright, tourists return home, wanting a piece of that genius in their own home.

It’s then that those tourists seek out businesses such as Michael Hanna Design, who are skilled in architectural drafting for interior designers in order to create Wright-inspired 3D room designs for their own homes. It’s at this point, where history meet future, that one can only imagine how much more prolific Wright would have been if he had access to technology such as 3D room design as well as computer-aided architectural drafting for interior designers.

It’s absolutely delightful for individuals who’ve just toured structures of the architectural greats to see inspired elements of that architecture inserted into their own interior design with vivid 3D reality.

When you want to bring a little piece of historical architecture into your home, be sure to contact a professional like Michael Hanna Design, who can bring your new design to photorealistic-life with 3D room design. All the little details you loved on your tour can be captured with architectural drafting for interior designers. Don’t wait! Contact Michael Hanna Design now to bring a piece of history into your home.

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