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Three Presentation Don’ts

You’ve hired a powerpoint designer like Michael Hanna Design to have the most visually appealing powerpoint templates available for your presentation. Now it’s “go time”. When you think you’ve got everything ready, it’s always good to double check. Just as a friendly reminder, here are three things not to do in preparation for your presentation.

 Don’t forget to practice with the remote.

Practice changing the slides. Become an expert with the remote so that you can move slides forwards and backwards with ease. Nothing detracts more from a presentation than a presenter that is fumbling with the remote instead of giving a flawless presentation.

 Don’t forget to test your environment.

 If you’ve only been practicing at home in the evening you may be in for a shock. If the room you’re presenting in has large windows facing east and your presentation is scheduled for the morning, you’ll be getting a face full of sun! Ensure the room you’re presenting in has enough drapes to block the sun or enough light to work with. If you can’t scout the room for your presentation try to be prepared for all eventualities.

Don’t sip vodka.

 Sip water. It’s often joked that the presenter has vodka instead of water. Don’t do it. The alcohol will dry your throat making you croak like a frog. While the vodka may calm your nerves, it will make you slur your speech too, which is very unprofessional.

 Hiring an expert powerpoint designer like Michael Hanna Design can ensure that you have the best powerpoint templates for your presentation. Only you can make sure your presentation goes smoothly with practice.

Check out our website to see the excellent powerpoint templates we can create for your presentation. Then, contact Michael Hanna Design to order yours. All you’ll have left to do is practice!

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