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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Eco-friendly 3D Home Design

The Green movement is more powerful now than ever before. People are actively recycling, reusing, and reducing the amount of waste that they create on our beautiful Earth. Many different fields have found themselves scrambling to keep up with the demand for all things green. This push for a greener life experience extends even the to the home building industries.

Michael Hanna Design provides 3D home design and architectural drafting for interior designers with software that offers a generous selection of materials from which your clients can choose. If your material selection isn’t in the database, the software offers a customize option so you can include any green material that your client desires.

Rediscovered or recycled lumber is a popular choice among the environmentally oriented individuals who want to have houses built for them. Some individuals look for materials at a local “Reuse” shop that offers wood previously used in homes that is still in good enough quality to use again. Re-purposed lumber comes from other areas as well, such as wood lost in frozen lakes from previous logging operations.

Green oriented individuals may also choose wood substitutes made from recycled plastics. There are several brand names of this type of product available on the market today. Some of the wood substitutes are made with reclaimed lumber and recycled plastic, while others are made of 100% recycled plastic.

No matter what materials your clients favor, when you need a wide variety of materials for your 3D home design, make sure you contact Michael Hanna Design. We invite you to view our website to see what our happy customers think of our work. Give us a call right now so we can help you make your Green clients happy!

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