August 18, 2016 admin

Mergers – An Emerging Market For Virtual Interior Design

Whether a company purchases another company with the intent to merge completely or create a third umbrella company to combine the two legacy brands, changes to the way they run and look will be coming. The quickest way to create unity between the two legacy companies involved in the merger is to create a unifying look, which is where virtual interior design comes in. When the leadership team is struggling to blend two legacy companies they need to quickly and efficiently see what you’re design concept is. Michael Hanna Design has the experience in architectural drafting for interior designers needed to create a powerful virtual interior design that will give your clients a photorealistic tour of their new office design.

Unifying a merged company though appearance has to be done quickly and efficiently. When you have the power of Michael Hanna Design behind you, you can offer a quick turn around time to the leadership team that needs to see what their new offices will look like, yesterday.  From the texture of the carpeting to the color of the finish on the desks, the leadership team will be able to see every single detail as if they were walking through their already completed office area. Changes in color scheme as well as lighting will all be realistic and evident, so the leadership team does not have to struggle to imagine what you are designing.

When you need assistance with your architectural drafting for interior designers, contact Michael Hanna Design. Visit our website and see what our happy repeat customers have to say about our work. Then give us a call or send us an email, so we can help you win your next interior design client with ease. Don’t wait and risk another designer taking the job from you – call now!

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