August 18, 2016 admin

Internet of Things (IoT) and Interior Design

The Internet of Things is bringing more and more smart devices in to the homes of individuals to whom you’ll be showing your virtual interior designs. This new abundance of smart devices that are able to access wifi and interact with each other is bound to have an impact on architectural drafting for interior designers. Michael Hanna Design has the state of the art software to help you create the virtual interior design of your clients’ dreams.

 The Internet of Things, or IoT, is going to heavily impact how individuals interact with the space around them. It’s also going to impact how appliances fit in the space that the home has to offer. Interior design will have to take into account the location of the central wifi network and how far away each appliance can be from it. Restrictions on where items can be will provide significant new challenges to creating interior designs that will fit all of the smart equipment in a central area.

 Smart appliances will also begin to change how individuals use the space around them in unexpected ways that haven’t been discovered yet. When devices begin talking to each other more often, offering people more information, new behaviors will occur and interior designs must begin to account for that. Current houses may not accommodate smart devices very well and may require redesigning.

 No matter how the IoT affects interior design, you can rest assured that Michael Hanna Design has the best software to create your virtual interior design. Visit our website to see what our happy clients say about our architectural drafting for interior designers. Then contact us to get your own virtual interior design.

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