May 27, 2016 admin

Virtual Interior Design – A Value Added Service

Virtual interior design as well as architectural drafting for interior designers by Michael Hanna Design is a value added service which you can provide to your clients. A value added service is something you add to a product or service which increases the value to your client. When Michael Hanna Design creates a virtual interior design for you, it adds value to your original drafts and sketches by making it easier for your clients to understand what their new interior is going to look like. Your clients will be able to see what they are going to get immediately, and can let you know what, if any changes they would like to see in your design.

While it’s clear that this type of easy communication of your design concept makes your work much easier, it also enhances your clients experience with you – so don’t sell yourself short. When you add value to what your clients receive, they are much more willing to pay a higher price point. Your design is of high value to your clients because you’re making their home dreams come true. How you present it can add just as much value. The easier the presentation is for them to understand they happier they are. When you have happier clients, you can feel justified in raising your prices.

Don’t under value your creative genius. Let Michael Hanna Design create your virtual interior design as well as your architectural drafting for interior designers with the style and panache that you and your clients deserve. Feel free to visit our web site and view our capabilities. Read our client reviews. Don’t wait, contact us now and let Michael Hanna Design add value to your design concepts!

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