May 27, 2016 admin

Get a Professional Animated Presentation For Summer Convention Season

Summer is the season for conventions and fairs and it’s approaching fast. Now is the time to get an animated presentation developed by Michael Hanna Design. Our presentation design services will create an animated presentation so realistic it will seem as if you have an assistant with you. Whether you’re working the industry conventions or state fairs, having a presentation with high quality sound will help you sell your products and services.

State fairs offer an excellent opportunity for sales. People are out in large numbers enjoying the good weather and spending money. An animated presentation will help you operate your booth by giving your basic presentation while you give one on one attention the those prospects who are converting to paying customers. The people who are just there to look will enjoy the presentation. Those who are serious potential customers will seek you out and ask you questions. Best of all, your animated presentation will say exactly what you want it to say, never get tired, or lose its voice. It’s the perfect helper!

Industry conventions are a great place to build network connections as well as make sales. Having two systems playing your animated presentation at each end of your booth will maximize your networking power. Our high quality audio and strikingly realistic images will captivate all who pass by your booth. You’ll be available to engage your high value targeted prospects with personal attention and in-depth conversation.

Whether you need an animated presentation created from scratch or you want some improvements made to your current presentation, Michael Hanna Design is here to help you. Visit our website and see what kind of magic our presentation design services can work for you. We offer packages for every budget. Don’t wait, contact us now – summer’s almost here!

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