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Landscaping Adds Value To Homes And Your 3d Home Design

Landscaping adds value to homes. Including landscaping in your 3d home design by Michael Hanna Design will add value to your presentation and delight your clients. You can certainly focus on just the house in your 3d house builder plan, but clients truly feel that landscaping makes a house a home. A house may have many nice features, but packaging it as a home is what sells it to your clients.

A study by Kaufman and Lohr in 2008 determined that people have a physiological response to viewing tree canopies. People are calmed when they view tree canopies. Of all the colors of tree canopies, green is the most calming. Amazingly enough, the tree canopies didn’t even have to be real. Computer generated tree canopies evoked the same response and real trees. By including lots of green trees in the landscaping of your 3d home design you will evoke feelings of relaxation and calmness in your clients. These are the ideal feelings that you want your client to experience when looking at your design.

Our 3d house builder software offers over 4000 different types of trees, plants, and vegetation that you can use in your design. Each plant comes complete with a profile describing it’s attributes and climate preferences. You’ll never have to worry about disappointing your clients by accidentally offering them a tree that won’t grow in their yard.

Contact Michael Hanna Design now to add landscaping to your 3d house builder design. Don’t forget the trees!

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