May 27, 2016 admin

The Benefits of White Space in Your Slide Design

When hiring a powerpoint presentation designer like Michael Hanna Design, people often want a lot of information packed into each slide of their presentation. Professional Slide design benefits from a generous use of white space for easy readability, creation of information clusters, and aesthetics.

Your powerpoint presentation designer will help you distill your data and content into highly impactful chunks that are easy to read. A slide full of text is difficult to read for those in the front row of your presentation let alone those in the last row. While some words may be subtracted, the powerful punch of your meaning remains and is easily consumed by your viewers.

Consolidating your information into information clusters on your slide design can be done using bullet points, graphs, and specially tailored graphics. Clustering your information together in easy to read “bites” helps your client digest your message quickly and easily.

Your powerpoint presentation designer wants to create a visually appealing slide design to assist you with selling your product. An abundance of text can create visual confusion and drive your viewers to look away. This is certainly not your goal! A slide design that is as attractive as it is informative will better benefit your business.

When you need a powerpoint presentation designer you need Michael Hanna Design to create an easily read, highly informative visual masterpiece. Feel free to visit our website and see our before and after images. Then contact us and order your slide design now!

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