March 29, 2016 admin

3D Home Design For Retirees

The kids have flown the nest, started their own lives, and bought their own homes. Those stairs to the second floor are getting more and more daunting every day. With 40 plus years of hard work and savings it’s time to retire and build a home for the golden years. Michael Hanna Design is here to assist you with 3d home design for retirees. Slightly less computer savvy than the younger generations, 3d house floor plans will ‘wow’ your older clients by offering them lifelike views of their new home.


As people age and their immediate family downsizes, they often have new needs that their living space needs to accommodate. A ranch style home often becomes preferable not only because the stairs have become uncomfortable to use, but also they could be a safety hazard. Both age and medications can make older individuals unstable when using the stairs, which could lead to a dreaded fall.

Retirees may not need as large a home as they did when they had children. Their kids may have carried off a lot of their furniture and other items leaving unused space. Conversely, antique and car collections may have grown, requiring more storage, and possible garage space.

Whatever their individual needs, make sure you delight your older clients with 3d house floor plans which will show them the details of their new living space. Moving out of a house you’ve spent 30 plus years in can be very scary. 3D home design can go a long way to making the transition so much easier for your older clients. Call or click now, and let Michael Hanna Design assist you with all of your 3d home design needs.

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