January 5, 2016 admin

Easy to Understand, 3d House Floor Plans Win Business

Sketches and drawing have been the traditional way to graphically communicate your design concepts to your clients. This is the way you’ve been doing it for years. It’s time to consult with a design company such as Michael Hanna Design and use a 3d house builder to create your 3d house floor plans.  Like it or not, everyone and everything is moving into the digital age. Not only that, but most clients are no longer skilled in even rudimentary reading of architectural sketches and drawings.

You’ve seen the jokes on Facebook of family members’ texting each other at the dinner table. While it’s funny, there’s a lot of truth to it. Digital visual designs have advanced faster than anyone anticipated. So has consumption of all things digital. Demand has never been higher. Give your clients what they want, and they’ll return the favor. Offer them photorealistic quality. 3d house floor plans that allow your clients to experience every elevation, every texture, every nuance of lighting and so much more, will be far more attractive to them than sketches and drawings. Michael Hanna Design uses only top of the line software to create the most realistic 3d house floor plans for your clients.

It’s so much easier for your clients to understand plans generated by a 3d house builder. Most people no longer understand the most simplest of drafting concepts. Looking forward, when you consider that handwriting is no longer being taught in a lot of schools, what are the odds of people learning how to understand anything drafted by hand? The easier it is for your clients to understand what it is that they’ll be getting, the easier it will be for them to do business with you.

Contact Michael Hanna Design now, to discover how easy it will be for you to make sales using 3d house floor plans.

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