January 5, 2016 admin

Crisp Presentations Ease Communication and Execution of Design Concepts

You’ve fully realized and sketched out your interior design for the largest project you’ve ever taken on. Now you need to graphically communicate your design concept to the stakeholders of the project in stunning professional detail. You want to use virtual interior design, but you’re not well versed in architectural drafting for interior designers. This is where we at Michael Hanna Design come in, we’re here to help. We have well over a decade of experience in virtual interior design, architectural drafting for interior designers, as well as all types of presentations. We excel in creating multifaceted presentations which will assist you by digitally rendering your concept sketches in order to make communicating with the stakeholders simple and easy. As an added bonus, our virtual interior design will assist you with your management and execution of your design concept with clear instructions and concise materials lists.

Our breathtakingly realistic virtual tours will answer practically all of your clients questions before they even thing to ask them. Crisp elevations, touchable fabrics, and striking finishes, all combine to create a photo-realistic experience of your interior design concept. The realism of your presentation will leave nothing to the imagination, so you’re stakeholders will know exactly what to expect and precisely what they are getting. Our materials and finishes listings, compiled in our construction plans, will facilitate the execution of your design concept by offering you organized lists and instructions. We even offer a catalog of indoor plants which you can choose based on specific locations.

Don’t put the sale of your design concept at risk! Contact us here at Michael Hanna Design now to find out how we can help you with your virtual interior design as well as architectural drafting for interior designers.

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