December 21, 2015 admin

DIY Animated Presentations May Fail – Here's Why

Are you wondering if an animated presentation, and presentation design services are the right decision for your company? Michael Hanna Design believes that an educated consumer is a happy consumer, so here are a couple things to consider while making your decision.

Do I Really Need An Animated Presentation?

No, of course not! Animation isn’t a necessity but it sure delivers a visual punch that sells. Animation captures and holds the attention of the viewer, it’s easier to watch something moving, it doesn’t require work like reading slides does. The less work a potential client has to do to receive your sales message, the better. Make it an easy choice for them, choose to spell it all out in animation, leaving nothing to their imagination.

Can I Create An Animated Presentation Myself?

Of course you can! However, this comes with a caveat. One of two things is going to happen.

One, while you may actually create an animated presentation, it’s probably not going to be of the highest, professional quality. Bad animation is worse than no animation at all. You want a client to be focusing on your message, not on less than perfect visuals.

Two, you will create a high quality animated presentation, only it will have cost you more in your time to make it than it would have if you chose to use our presentation design services. Time is money. You should be focusing on what you do best to increase your bottom line.

Here at Michael Hanna Design, what we do best is offer excellent presentation design services, using state of the art software. When you choose us to create your animated presentations, you can rest assured that it is money wisely spent, which has a good chance of helping you to increase your bottom line.

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