December 11, 2015 admin

Wow Your Client With a Virtual 3D Interior Design

In any type of customer service role where design is an important aspect, there are bound to be some instances of miscommunication or even failures in communication while trying to plan the project. Interior designers, landscapers, and others have all likely experienced the frustration of being unable to properly describe or draw out a project idea for a client. The issue is that the client is not psychic and cannot see into the designer’s head, but the designer is not always equipped to sketch out his or her ideas, and words are often inadequate. What if there was a way that your interior design clients could actually view all of your great design ideas before you do any manual work?

Michael Hanna Design is now offering a 3D architectural drafting and modeling service, which includes room and home design. We’ll design an interior home solution that fits both your ideas and your client’s vision. At the end, you’ll have a detailed design plan to work from, which means you’ll be able to solve any problems there may be before you even begin. Your clients won’t believe the detail of our photorealistic 3D renderings, and you won’t believe the variety of plants featured in our libraries for outdoor landscaping. Our software allows us to manipulate the North pointer and seasonal settings, so your clients will get the full effect complete with shadow effects and overlays.

Don’t miss the impressed expressions on your clients’ faces when you present their interior home design options using a virtual 3D model. Contact the design experts at Michael Hanna Design today for your free consultation.

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