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3 Benefits Of Michael Hanna Design’s Virtual 3D Home Modeling

Have you considered using computer aided design, or CAD, to present your interior design ideas to your clients but decided against it for one reason or another? Don’t let the rapidly advancing industry intimidate you. You don’t have to go through the hassle of learning virtual 3D modeling software to get a photorealistic virtual presentation for your clients. Michael Hanna Design provides a 3D architectural drafting and modeling service perfect for interior designers with a desire to improve their client presentations. Here are a few benefits of using our services for your client presentations.

1. Reduced Planning Time

When you use our CAD services for your client’s 3D room design, it will reduce the time it will take to plan out the project. Decision making will be simplified since many of the color, material, and texture decisions will already have been made during the process of producing a virtual model.

2. Accurate Design

Unlike traditional sketches, computer generated designs are naturally proportionate. The scale of furniture and other objects in our designs will be proportionate to the scale of the room itself, and everything will appear to be very realistic. The texture and material rendering capabilities of our software are the best the industry has to offer, and your clients are sure to be impressed.

3. Clean Representation

Our 3D photorealistic renderings are clean and crisp with none of the human error present in traditional drawing. Any text present in the design is guaranteed to be legible, and the entire design is sharp and clear. Most of these renderings look real at first glance!

Take a look at some of our virtual interior design examples, and schedule your free consultation today!

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