December 7, 2015 admin

Tips to Making Powerful Presentations

You’ve taken the first step to delivering a powerful presentation: you contacted Michael Hanna Design to create your animated presentation as well as to fill all of your presentation design services needs. Now that it’s time to deliver the presentation, what do you do? Don’t let panic ensue. Just follow these three simple tips!

  1. Relax. Having a professionally designed animated presentation means knowing that your audience will be riveted to the information displayed on the screen. This will give you time to rest and focus between the times you have to talk. Also, with all the hard facts up on the screen, you can focus on telling the story of why your audience needs your product or service. In a world of advertising that is always shouting what you need, delivering a compelling ‘why you need it’ often makes the sale.
  1. Point your heart at your audience. We know, it sounds a little weird, but hear us out. When you ‘point your heart at your audience’ you are giving them strong, confident, and sincere body language. You’re not hiding behind crossed arms, which can give the impression that you’re not confident in your data, or worse, that you’re shady. A person demonstrating open body language is often viewed as confident and trustworthy. That is exactly how you want your audience to see you…so point that heart.
  1. Breathe slowly. Breathing not only helps keep you focused on the story you want to tell, but it helps to build rapport. If you’re taking relaxed breaths, the odds are good that your audience will mimic you and do the same. When your audience feels relaxed around you, they’ll feel more comfortable consuming the information you’re providing. Conversely, if your breathing is quick and nervous, they’ll mimic that and be distracted by wondering why they’re feeling nervous.
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