November 13, 2015 admin

How To Give Your Best Powerpoint Presentation

When you think about giving a powerpoint presentation, you may become overwhelmed with anxiety about standing in front of a crowd, not knowing how they will respond to what you say. You can hope that everyone is silent, jaw dropped and wide-eyed, listening with anticipation to what you have to say next. This, however, is not always the case. When giving a powerpoint presentation, your audience should always be astonished at how knowledgeable and creative you are. You need to keep them engaged and interacting as they listen to what you are presenting.

Never be afraid about giving a bad presentation again with these presentation tips!

  • Start your presentation off with a bang! Within the first minute of your presentation, your audience will decide whether or not they want to stay engaged or sit back and daydream.
  • Don’t  write everything you say on your slides. People want to listen to what you are saying not read it. Less is more when it comes to Powerpoints and written words.
  • Show off your creativity and imagination to keep your audience guessing and interested. Rather than over using text, try implementing images, diagrams, charts, and pictures to get your point across. Just remember to keep the colors mild as to not distract your audience.
  • Make a connection with your audience. Relating what you say back to your views allows them to form a connection by putting themselves in the situation.  

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