August 11, 2015 admin

Include an Infographic in Your PowerPoint Presentation Design

At Michael Hanna Design, we believe in the power of clear and effective presentations, and know that those only come about through coherent data and distinct design. When your company has a large quantity of data to unpack and distribute, coherence might not seem possible. One way that our PowerPoint presentation designers can boost your data’s effectiveness is by creating an easy-to-follow infographic that is included in your slideshow, as well making it available as a standalone item that consumers can download and view.

Infographics have existed for decades, with print media utilizing them to relay data to the public, and research journals presenting data in well-defined images and charts that anyone could understand. With the dawn of the internet, countless infographics are now accessible online, and by adding one to your presentation, you can enrich the viewer’s experience and help them understand your data or product’s superiority. We offer exceptional infographic design, and can include interactive components that make the image literally come alive. People are more likely to take the time to view an infographic than read a lengthy article that contains uncommon words and industry jargon.

With more and more people accessing data and products online, having an infographic ready to go can enable someone to fully grasp your company’s mission, and can encourage them to view more presentations and slideshows that you have available. If you need an infographic for your business, or you’re searching for a PowerPoint presentation designer, contact Michael Hanna Design right away.