July 14, 2015 admin

Improve End-User Friendliness with Our Presentation Design

If your business provides online data for customers and investors, it’s important that the data is easily accessible and understood. When a customer wants to download an annual report or a product slideshow, you want them to be able to comprehend the information and not become frustrated at what they’re trying to view or read. With professional presentation design from Michael Hanna, you can improve your slideshow’s end-user friendliness and make it easier for people to understand the important aspects of your products and services.

Our Standard Level package is the best starting point when you want to balance compelling visuals and end-user compatibility. We understand that you might not have the biggest budget for design services, and our Standard slides provide the look you want at a price that you can afford. When an investor views a simple table or chart, they may not be able to fully understand what’s being presented; with a well-designed bar graph or flow chart, they can see the growth or increase of a certain area of your business. We’ll also ensure that your slideshow is in a compatible format with your end user’s platform, so that they can open the files in PowerPoint or another program.

If you’ve had comments from customers about not being able to understand your data, or investors have come to you needing clarification on a certain piece of information, it might be time to reconsider your presentation design. Contact Michael Hanna Design today and we’ll help you improve your end-user friendliness and compatibility.

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