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Preparing Effective Presentations

At Michael Hanna Design, we pride ourselves on how good we can make your custom PowerPoint presentation look. Our presentation designers have decades of combined experience across all industries, ensuring that your presentation materials will be captivating and memorable.

But a great looking business presentation is only one piece of the puzzle. Effective presenter skills are crucial to successfully communicating your company’s message. Effective presentations – which combine cutting edge visuals and charismatic delivery – enhance the perception of your business in the eyes of the professional community. Boring, ineffective presentations are not paid much attention and often are quickly forgotten, especially by conference planners and the media.

Here are some general guidelines that can help you organize your presentation content and maximize your live presentation:

• Make sure the audience hears and understands the five things any listener to a presentation really cares about:
1. What is the problem and why?
2. How is the industry attempting to solve the problem?
3. What is your company’s specific solution?
4. What additional value does your company’s solution provide compared to the competitive landscape?
5. Where do we go from here?
• Carefully budget your time, especially for short (e.g., 15 minute) presentations.
• Allow ample time to describe the problem clearly enough for the audience to appreciate the value of your solution. This usually will take more than 30 seconds.
• Leave enough time to present your own solution clearly. This almost never will require all of the allotted time.
• Put your material in a context that the audience can relate to. Assume you are presenting to an audience who are not familiar with your company’s specific area of expertise. Your objective is to communicate an appreciation of the importance, value, and uniqueness of your product, not just to boast of your success.
• Give your audience several avenues for follow up inquiries, such as references, web links, and specific contact information.

With a dynamic, visually stunning custom PowerPoint or Keynote presentation designed by Michael Hanna Design, you’re already more than half way to a winning presentation. Contact us now for a free, personal consultation.

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