November 15, 2014 admin

Powerpoint Presentation Designer: Captivate Your Audience

Here at Michael Hanna Design, we’ve been designing and delivering cutting edge presentations and marketing materials for over 15 years. As a powerpoint presentation designer, we absolutely love taking your powerpoint presentations and turning them into wonderful presentations that catch the eye of your audience and keep their attention. Not only does a good powerpoint presentation make it easier for your audience to soak up the information you’re giving them, but it also makes you look much more respectable and it’s easier to take you seriously. If your audience can’t take you seriously, it’s hard for them to listen to you.

Today we’ve got some other ways in which you can really make your presentation stand out.

1. Keep a keen focus. No one will be impressed by your presentation if it rambles. The purpose and prose of your presentation must cater to the interests or your audience or they’ll tune you out. Even if you grab their attention with one point, you’ll quickly lose them if they can’t follow your logic.

2. Use compelling anecdotes where appropriate. The reason you’re presenting in the first place is likely because you want your audience to take some kind of action. You need to connect with them emotionally and inspire them and the best way to do this is to tell a story.

3. Create a worth leave-behind that your audience will remember. Professional speakers will often hand out books or at least a couple of chapters of said book. However, you can make it as simple as a small flyer or premium item. Whatever it is, make sure it’s relevant to your story and presentation and it reminds them of the action you want them to take.


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